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This course is an introduction to the methods of study in psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience, including an overview of physiological aspects of behavior, sensation, perception, research methodology, statistics, learning principles, motivation, intelligence, cognition, abnormal behavior, personality, therapy, and social psychology.

This course introduces the concepts and procedures used in statistical reasoning and analysis. Topics in descriptive statistics include the presentation of data, the measures of location, central tendency and variability and relationships between variables. Topics in inferential statistics include probability, sampling distributions and the use of confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.
This course will focus on developing skills in using positive guidance techniques while enhancing children’s self-concept and developing children’s pro-social skills.
The student will apply and practice knowledge that was taught in EDEC230, such as creating a pro-social environment and establishing positive guidance techniques. The student will complete 45 hours of supervised lab with a mentor at a licensed/registered childcare facility.