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The purpose of Intro to Public Speaking is to familiarize students with the basic concepts of communication and public speaking, and allow students a platform to practice and develop performance skills. 

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the “art” of communication and improve your communication skills.  Effective communication, written and spoken, increases your opportunities for successful careers, leadership roles, and relationships. 

2. Demonstrate confidence and competence in public speaking. If you communicate well you are perceived to be more credible, intelligent, and qualified.  

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of effective and ethical public speaking. Ethical public speaking requires the responsible use of information. Gaining knowledge for ethical public speaking also requires academic research and study. 

4. Demonstrate the qualities of a good audience participant in the public speaking process. Learning to give appropriate and productive critique is as important as learning to give a good speech. The evaluation process helps develop our critical thinking.

This course is an introduction to the nature and scope of the field of psychology as a scientific and human endeavor.  Major topics include historic development of the field; biological and developmental processes; consciousness and perception; learning, remembering and thinking; motivation and emotion; personality and individuality; social behavior; normal stress and coping, and abnormal psychology and treatment methods.  

In this course students will develop the connections, tools, and best practices for full success in college. Students will establish connections to academic advising and student services; integrate into campus-wide community; maximize academic and career options including transfer and placement; and develop the advanced study skills and information literacy appropriate to the advanced collegiate level. Students will cultivate self-care and reflection on the collegiate experience.