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This course is an introduction to the methods of study in psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience, including an overview of physiological aspects of behavior, sensation, perception, research methodology, statistics, learning principles, motivation, intelligence, cognition, abnormal behavior, personality, therapy, and social psychology.

This course provides an overview of the principles of psychology as applied to sport, exercise, and recreational activity leading to enhanced interactions and performance. Included in this course are elements of sport psychology such as stress, mental toughness, self-confidence, motivation and goal setting, leadership, and group dynamics.

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PLEASE NOTE: This course is now a 10-week course, beginning October 4th.

Foundations of Personal Leadership and Growth examines the foundational principles of personal leadership development and familiarizes participants with principle-based personal growth models and frameworks that are relevant to all people and applicable in all leadership roles. Participants will grow as they appreciate, reflect on, and apply the importance of leadership principles like self-awareness, attitude, self-discipline, collaboration, and intentionality. Participants will learn how to become people of influence by engaging in and committing to personal leadership growth

Intro to Community Leadership provides a survey of basic leadership theories and competencies, an overview of systems theory and change theory, and an introduction to basic concepts relating to the structure, culture, and function of communities. Students will develop their ability to think strategically and creatively by analyzing problems and data, strengthening their collaborative and interpersonal skills, considering the value of civic engagement, and exploring realistic solutions to common issues in the fields of community and nonprofit leadership.